Lorna & Michael: Rivervale Barn

Well – another great wedding at Rivervale Barn – complete with a sword fighting duel mid ceremony! Thank you Lorna & Michael for some wonderful feedback to your film.

“Well a Congratulations is in order, you have in fact proved that Maybelline Waterproof Mascara is in fact NOT waterproof after watching our wedding video. 
OH MY GOD SIMON, I can’t believe how amazing it is!!!!! We absolutely love the beginning – just our cup of tea. We sat down and defrosted the last of our wedding cupcakes to eat whilst enjoying it. I barely made it through 30 seconds without blubbering. 
Its soooo wonderful, even the bits we didn’t see you do at the beginning and the set up was fantastic and the way you’ve incorporated the music was cool.
Love the editing of the speeches (I only noticed at the end that you’d managed to cut the bit out where the microphone was playing up with my Dad during his speech) Singing was better than I thought, (Don’t think I’ll sing in public again for a while though haha) and love the reactions from the friend it was meant for. 
We were actually a bit worried you’d stop the music and have a whole section of the actions, which we thought would take it away from being a wedding video but what you did with the slow motion and just showing sections of it as well as the magician was wonderful  - exactly what I think we would have done, if we were able. 
It was truly amazing, we are sooo happy with it  -  definitely the best thing we spent our money on so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!
Will definitely always recommend you to any friends that are getting married (although I’m the last of my little group of friends)”
Lorna & Mike
PS. Oh and the presentation of the DVD – WOW (Was expecting a clear DVD sleeve)
Here is the Finale section taken from their wedding film:
Lorna & Michael